All racers entering an iDRAG race competition must be members of iDRAG.

The annual iDrag Membership fee is $100.00.

How to Join

To join iDRAG please complete our iDrag Membership Form and email to iDRAG.

Once your Membership Form has been received and payment has been processed a representative will contact you with an iDrag Membership number and certificate.

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

iDrag Membership Form



Join iDrag at the Races

iDRAG Membership Forms will be available at all iDRAG race events to allow racers to join iDRAG at the races.

New members who join at the iDRAG races will be issued an iDRAG Membership number and certificate after the $100.00 iDrag Membership fee is received.


Member Benefits and Discounts

Only members of iDRAG are eligible to enter an iDRAG race competition and only iDRAG Members are permitted to join discussions in the iDRAG Forums.

iDRAG Members will also be eligible for discounts on high performance parts and services that are available through our Speed Store.

The Speed Store is a service center available to racers that provides high performance parts and services plus technical information to assist racers in improving their race performances.

iDrag Membership Form