The iDRAG Race Rules

It’s not just about how fast you go. It’s about how you go fast.
With an original appearing street legal Modern Muscle Car.


This race is intended for production based street legal modern muscle cars that are modified to perform drag race duties with engine technology limited to production based engine blocks and cylinder heads that were developed from 1980 to 2015.

Modern Muscle Cars racing in this competition are required to use street legal tires and must be equipped with functioning head lights, tail lights, turn signals and a horn that works in order to prove that the car is capable of street legal driving.


The MODERN MUSCLE CAR CHALLENGE consists of five race classes.

Race Class 1 - Mopar Hemi Shoot Out

Race Class 2 - Modern Mustang Battle

Race Class 3 - Super Chevy Challenge

Race Class 4 - Foreign Speedsters

Race Class 5 - 4 Sport Compacts Wars


RACE Entry

Modern Muscle Car Challenge Entry fee - $100.00


All Race Competitors must be members of iDRAG

Annual Membership fee is $100.00

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